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Global Trading Company is Sandler's official representation in India. In 1879, Christian Heinrich Sandler founded a factory for shredded filling wadding to be used in the upholstered furniture. 140 years later, the family-run company is one of the Top 15 manufacturers of nonwovens in the world. In cooperation with this competent partner, we offer consulting services and information to customers from the filtration sector, the automotive industry and engineering and we keep a wide range of products in stock. Learn more about Sandler on
Nonwovens in the Automotive Industry:
Interior: For the automotive industry, Sandler produces a broad range of lightweight absorber nonwovens which today cover almost all applications for acoustically efficient parts in the interior of vehicles. Cars have almost become a second living space. It is thus all the more important to make the journey from A to B as pleasant as possible. Sandler nonwovens play a significant role to this end. They can reduce engine and driving noise so that the car glides along quietly and the passengers can hold conversations at a normal volume—even at high speeds. Highly efficient and completely odour-neutral fibrous absorbers are used throughout the car to create a pleasant atmosphere: In the headliner and the seat pan, in the dash panel and the parcel shelf. They also help to ensure that the interior is always kept at a comfortable temperature. For visible applications, anthracite coloured versions are available. Residually stiff, lightweight and temperature-stable nonwovens for moulded parts offer excellent contour precision and allow even very deep mouldings. These nonwovens feature high mechanical stability and are acoustically highly efficient. The trim on columns, door mirrors, and boot floors can be adjusted precisely to the relevant component.

Exterior: The engine is the heart of the car. The materials used in this area must be highly resilient, durable, and—just like the engine—give maximum performance. If the wrong materials are used, cable fires can easily occur and liquids may leak out. Sandler can offer this "chemical resistance" at the highest level, as our nonwovens are able to withstand even dramatic changes in temperature. The single-polymer, lightweight materials are highly effective for thin components, easily adaptable and are ideal for sound and heat insulation. They not only reduce the sound field of the engine and connected subassemblies, but also slow down the cooling of these components, reduce cold starts, and thus help to save fuel. Likewise, this robust material cannot be damaged by screenwash, cooling fluid, or engine oil. As a textile wheel house liner or underride guard, our permanently water- and oil-repellent exterior absorbers cope with harsh weather and dirt.
Nonwovens for the Filtration Industry
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC): Filters are needed in offices, homes and low-energy houses, just as much as in greenhouses or climatic chambers. Sandler pocket or mat filter media for all efficiency ranges according to ISO 16890 ensure the environment is always right. Primarily characterised by their small pressure drops as well as a high dust-holding capacity and separation efficiency, they maintain their performance level even after discharge. Compact filter cells made from residually stiff, pleatable Sandler media are also ideal for keeping the air clean in small spaces, e.g. for air conditioning in the home.

Filter media for industrial applications: People in industry who have to deal with gases, fumes, fine dust, or other particles will be on the safe side with special filter media from Sandler. In spray-painting systems, progressively structured synthetic filters with a special finish protect against fibre and particle migration.In the printing industry, dust particles can be removed reliably from cleaning fluids using Sandler nonwovens for solid-liquid separation. In electrical distribution systems, such as control cabinets, Sandler media filter the cooling air to protect the electronics. The high cost-effectiveness of these materials demonstrates that performance is rewarded.
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